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Become a Seven Days Super Reader 

Seven Days is your go-to, locally owned source for rigorous reporting on Vermont news and culture. We ask tough questions and deliver enterprising stories — the kind you'd find in a national magazine. It's journalism that keeps you informed and engaged all week long. If you value this free public service, become a Super Reader and support it.

Super Reader contributions to Seven Days are not tax deductible.
See below for details.


Super Reader FAQ

How much should I give?

It costs about $75,000 a week to produce 35,000 copies of Seven Days — including writers, designers, printing and overhead. That means: Each copy of the paper costs $2.14 per week, or roughly $8.50 per month, to produce.

We suggest giving $10 a month to help cover production costs. But whatever you feel comfortable with is best! Recurring donations — no matter how small — add up to reliable revenue that we can count on.

Can I mail you a check?

Absolutely! Along with the check, please include your contact info (address/phone/email).

Seven Days
c/o Super Readers
PO Box 1164
Burlington, VT 05402-1164

Is Seven Days a nonprofit? Can I write off my donation?

Seven Days is not a charitable, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, hence you cannot claim a tax deduction on your Super Reader contribution. We’re an employee-owned business. And while the journalism we offer in print and online is free to read, we’re asking people who appreciate it to help defray the cost of producing it. Think of it as a voluntary subscription rather than a donation to charity.

We are able to accept tax-deductible donations of $2,000 or more through our fiscal sponsor, Journalism Funding Partners. If you're interested in giving at this level, please contact us directly at or call Paula Routly at 802-865-1020, ext. 112.

Do Super Readers get a print subscription in the mail?

Unfortunately, no. But that can be arranged, using first- or third-class mail. If you wish to receive the paper by mail, please email our circulation director for rates and more info or call 802-865-1020, ext. 132.

How do I increase my recurring donation? Update my credit card?

Great question! Please follow the steps below:

  1. Look for your most recent email receipt from: "CommitChange"
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the email and look for the link that comes after, “If you need to update your card...please follow this link.”
  3. Click “Change my donation amount” or any other action you wish to take, under “What Would You Like To Do”
  4. Fill out your information and click submit.
  5. Do a happy dance for supporting local journalism.

If you need assistance, email Super Reader HQ or call 802-865-1020, ext. 115.